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WKGaming Server Rules

Last Updated: 09/08/2022

The rules are divided into sections based on how they fit into RP, the more indented areas are to clarify and add more information.

Community Guidelines

Recently Added

Trial Rule

RP Guidelines

10s Rules // Death Matches

  1. Anyone directly threatening you, or your property may be killed without warning.

  2. Raids and mugs do not need to be adverted

  3. All cases above require a 10s+ warning which must include instructions typed through chat, this must be a /yell command.

    1. It is the full responsibility of the warner to ensure that the person getting warned is aware of the message.

    2. A 10s warning is recognized as a threat to one’s life and therefore you can be killed for it.

    3. Only the people that the message was meant for may kill the warner (I.E. if it was to leave the property and you are not on it you can not kill the warner).

    4. You can include extra clauses to your demand but if everything is followed you may not kill the person you are warning even if 10s have passed.

      1. If you say “pull a gun and you’ll die” and they pull a gun the 10s are void and you may kill them on the spot; this does not apply if a weapon is already out.

    5. 10s warnings are by default a kill warning but can be changed to a demote if stated. (Demotions aren’t a threat to your life and are mainly used for government jobs as threatening them would lead to an arrest)

    • Example: “/y You have 10s to leave this area or die!”

      • A warning must include a time limit (min 10s) what you want (leave this area) and what will happen if they don’t comply (die).


  1. You may not use any information beyond your character’s current life.

    1. Any RP action that has prerequisites (Demotions, Self defense) requires visual or physical confirmation of the assault/crime that has taken place, you cannot take someone’s word for it.

    2. Any RP situation lasts indefinitely as long as you keep an eyesight on the player(s), if sight is lost you have 10s to regain visuals before all interactions become void. Although after 2 minutes from the initial situation regardless if you maintain eyesight the situation becomes automatically voided.

    3. Anything illegal in text chat is valid as long it’s in your initial box without scrolling.

Basing and Building

  1. Bases with “Building” signs are recognized as OOC and may not be raided. As long as the sign is up, no raid or RP actions may be taken on the property, this immunity is nullified if any raidables are found inside. (Primarily that of the base owner. Any bases with bad building signs can not be raided instead call staff to remove the sign)

    1. All Building signs must be clear and concise.

    2. Any building base owners cannot give 10s warning within proximity of their base since 10s warnings are recognized as RP, due to this if you are asked to leave a building base you MUST leave or you will be removed by staff.

  2. Bases can have a maximum of 6 props per fading door. 

  3. No mega-bases or sky bases.

  4. You may only own one base at a time, and you may not combine two properties with another player; this is mega basing.

  5. Don’t build at places you don’t own without permission.

  6. Any structure taking up a good portion of the street will be removed.

    1. Pointless structures can take up to 50% of the street.

    2. Structures cannot block the sidewalk and must have a way to get through/around.

  7. Base entrances must be clear and concise, with no mazes, traps, etc. Bases must also not force the player to jump, crouch, or use any precise movements.

  8. Holding property to sell to a player for profit is not allowed.

    • If a base is owned and not being used staff can forcefully sell it after the proper procedure.

  9. KOS signs are not enforceable.

RP Relation

  1. You may protect players and their property as long as you have an RP relation to them.

  2. You can't relate to someone after an action to support you must be related before.

  3. Can't relate to help defend a base.

  4. RP Relation through custom Job name (Default and org names are excluded) and must be included both ways to be valid.

  5. The government is restricted to RP relations with other government personnel. 

  6. RP Relations

    • Default Job/Class Relations - E.X. Government

    • Owning the same base - Only applies when in the proximity of the base

    • Organization - Created In-Game. You must be in the same organization and allies aren’t related unless you share another relation.

    • Customer Relationship - Relation that lasts as long as you are having a relation to a customer/marketer.

Raiding and Mugging


  1. Max mug is $1,000.

  2. You must grant 10s to the person you are mugging to comply with your demands before you can KOS them.

  3. Any signs of hostile intent towards the mugger are KOS.

  4. The mugger must contain a solid line of sight of the victim.

  5. Mug Example: Drop 1k or die you have 10 seconds.


  1. Raids must not exceed 10 minutes, at 10 minutes all raiders MUST leave the raids.

  2. Leaving the Raid zone at any point ends the raid for you and you may not re-enter the zone, defenders may come back as much as they want.

  3. You must wait 10 minutes before raiding the same place.

  4.  External support is not allowed

    • This refers to anyone who has already left the raid or cannot raid, doing something to affect the outcome of the raid. I.E. ‘stray bullets’ etc.

    • Defenders can have external support as long as they are RP-related or can properly contribute to the situation. (Cops, Other organization members, etc.)

  5. You must be a raiding class to partake in an offensive raid.

  6. Everyone is KOS in a raid zone whether or not they are taking part in the actual raid.

    • The Raid zone is 10 player widths from walls and doors, props may only be 5 body widths from any walls or doors.

  7. If there is a 100% chance that there are no raidable in a base you may not raid it.

  8. You can raid government extensions if any are built. (Checkpoints, Towers, Etc.)


Class Guidelines (Individual classes, raiding, police, etc.)

Every Class has its restrictions according to their in-game description and here.


Demotions are only for people who fail to complete the requirements of their jobs or otherwise act in a corrupt way. A Proper reason for demotion must be stated and must be done by the person who has seen the corrupt/demotable action. Additional reasons for demotion will be stated below.

  1. Government

    • Violating custom laws. (Excludes cases where custom laws or ranking prevents them from completing their jobs)

    • Accepting bribes of any kind.

    • Refusing to enforce the law. (Custom and Default)

    • Intentionally letting prisoners escape and/or helping them do so.

  2. Mayor

    • Setting laws that give special treatment to a certain individual or a group of people. (Excludes the benefit of the government as a whole)

  3. Insubordination

    • For any leader job including the mayor, police chief, etc.

    • Lawful orders can not force someone to commit corrupt actions.

  4. Refusal of service - Vendor classes refusing to sell to anyone.


  1. The Mayor has the final say on PD defenses, if they choose not to build or not say anything this right is moved to the police chief, then to a designee, etc.

  2. Laws cannot violate any server rules and cannot hinder role-play too much. (Ex. No Speaking)

  3. The mayor may not run for 5 minutes after they switch jobs (Excludes death).

Police Specific


  1. Police may only want/warrant people doing obvious or visible actions that violate the laws. (Visible murder, advertisement of BMI, etc.).

  2. If a player is wanted, police must make an initial attempt to arrest, this is excluded if the target has a weapon and has hostile intent (Ex. Shooting at police).


  1. Police can only arrest if given a valid 10-second kill warning, they can not kill.

  2. Police may be asked to leave a building with a valid 10-second DEMOTE warning.

  3. Police may AOS anybody who is inside restricted areas. Players become KOS if they have a weapon out past a private door or if they are within the prison or mayor/meeting areas.


  1. Police may AOS/KOS anyone holding a weapon in a valid raid zone.

  2. Police may KOS their attackers if they are assaulted leaving their life in immediate danger.

  3. Police can not raid with criminals, although they can arrest the attackers.

  4. Police can warrant the base of a wanted criminal.


  1. Police can not plant evidence at a base to raid it

  2. Police can only build checkpoints and towers if approved by the mayor


Do not scam whether you are a specified vendor class or not. Any trade agreed upon via PM, YELL, or any other form of chat must be upheld.

  1. The deal must be stated and clearly agreed upon.

  2. There are no voice logs although you can submit a video to staff for approval if you are scammed. 

  3. You cannot raid the person you sold your printers to immediately.

  4. Agreements on separate platforms may need a forum report or appeal. (Discord, due to the ability to change messages, etc.)



The FAQ will be updated as time goes on. Since there are no questions at the moment, we do not have answers.

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