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v1.0.7 - Server Update


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Server Update v1.0.7


  • Added disconnect timer for your props. If you disconnect, your props will stay for 10 minutes. If you do not return, they will be deleted.
  • Added /re to respond to PMS
  • Added /eventdoor to open/close the eventdoor
  • Added player who killed you to death screen
  • Added /channel <number> and /radio <message>
  • Added /wiremoney
  • Added group chat team whitelist 
  • Added /eventvote
  • Allowed mayors to buy gun licenses
  • Fixed bank cooldown stuck on 0
  • Fixed people that had an emoji in their name causing errors to backend saving
  • Fixed offline players avatar in org bank page not loading
  • Fixed scaling with hit menu + wanted menu (hopefully, lmk if you have problems)
  • Fixed issue where if you are spectating a player and they disconnect, it will make **alot** of 
  • Fixed lottos with only one entry considering it valid
  • Fixed mayor not being team banned after death
  • Fixed setting a custom job name not displaying correctly in the above player UI
  • Changed position with gun license above head
  • Changed BMI bench price
  • Removed "!" from changing job term
  • Removed knives from BMD menu


  • Lots of optimizations and hotfixes
  • Added casino
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