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v1.0.6 - Server Update


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Server Update v1.0.6

Hello! During the past few days, boy has there been lots of bugs and things that need to be changed. Lot's of things did indeed go unnoticed during beta testing, but here we are! Most bugs that got notified to me were fixed. 

Server development will still be occurring. There are LOTS of more bugs that are just waiting to be discovered and I want to make sure everyone has a stable and smooth gameplay experience. 


  • Added interactable dumpsters around the map for Hobo
  • Added low HP effects
  • Added random hits for hitmen
  • Added hit command cooldown
  • Added weapon texture content packs
  • Added drug texture content packs
  • Added bugbait to Hobo jobs
  • Added rewards for arresting printers
  • Added /setweapondamage for Council+
  • Added sounds to printers
  • Hits now increase if the player you are placing a hit on already has an active hit
  • Fixed cop count for bank
  • Fixed not being able to sell drugs to drug dealers
  • Fixed bitminers and printers despawning on job change
  • Fixed whitelisted props
  • Fixed not being able to physgun some job entities 
  • Fixed precision tool being unusable
  • Fixed tier 1 printer's text disappearing after a certain distance  
  • Fixed non staff not being able to physgun entities (hopefully)
  • Fixed lower ranks being able to run commands on higher ranks
  • Fixed content menu server IP
  • Fixed 911 command
  • Fixed mayor lockdown timer in UI
  • Fixed bank system
  • Fixed command spaces 
  • Removed printer tier 4 and 5
  • Removed old fading door tool
  • Nerfed selling prices for guns
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