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Server Beta Newsletter


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Server Beta Newsletter

Welcome to the beta. There are a few things we would like to be talked about before players are allowed on the server. Some rules, conditions, and general understanding of what beta is. Thank you for being interested in our beta testing, we're super excited to have you here.

What is beta testing? What do we do?

Beta testing, in our case, will be a one week timeframe (09/26/2022 - 10/02/2022) players are allowed to join the server. For this one week, players are expected to test the functionality of the server and make sure everything is running smoothly. Any bugs found should be immediately reported to the bug report section. Any suggestions are welcome, none are dumb or ignorant, we take every them seriously because we want to have a server environment everyone enjoys. Post them here.

Will my things be saved when the server launches?

To keep everyone from starting with an advantage on launch, items gained (money, pocket items, org banks) will not be saved when the server officially releases. 

Will we get anything in return for beta testing?

Although this is still being decided on, we expect to give players something that will not be obtainable without being there for beta. We will probably give beta testers a cosmetic.


  • Our server is not final. Anything you experience is subject to modification or removal. Please understand this as you navigate our server. Things may not work correctly or be brokne. It is your duty as a beta tester to report these issues.
  • Exploits, or game-breaking bugs, MUST be reported upon experience. If you take advantage of the said exploit, or refuse to report it for exploitation in our launch will result in repercussions including immediate removal from our platform(s). You have been warned.
  • Any suggestions or additions must be handled appropriately within our forums. 


  • Staff are apparent with some exploits that are currently still happening. If anyone is caught abusing these exploits on purpose, a severe punishment will be issued.
  • Please try to report all bugs you find. Even if its something non game breaking or something very simple like a spelling error, we need you to report it.
  • The server rules are still in effect. Anyone caught breaking these rules will be punished accordingly. 

Thank you to all the beta testers that are planning to play, without you the server won't be what it is. 

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