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9/9/2022 - Forum Update


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As we continue server development, I have been working on making our forums not only look better, but feel smoother. 


  • Added Chatbox (creds @Fellex)
  • Added Rank Images (creds @Shwy)


  • Header has been adjusted to look more sleeker
    • Removed background & border
    • Adjusted the space to be closer together
    • Will probably be more optimized in the future
  • Removed 'Share' button
  • Added Reputation under post count
    • Will be edited to look better
  • Made post count Whiter & Bolder
  • Removed tooltips from Post & Rep
  • Removed 'Moderator' & 'New Member' badges

Forum Index:

  • Header has been adjusted to look more sleeker
    • 'Start new topic' button now runs across the entire space
  • Removed 'Share' button as well
  • Removed 'subforum' header from forums that contain subforums
  • Winner 1
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