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Community Rules


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Community Rules

Last Updated: 09/08/2022

  1. Be respectful and don’t diss out-of-character, keep drama out of the server.

  2. Any threats with the intent to harm the server or someone will result in a permanent ban.

  3. In-Game items cannot be traded for real-life currency or items.

  4. Do not spam. This includes text chat, voice chat, OOC, advert, props, etc.

  5. Evading a staff sit or punishments in any way shape or form will result in greater punishment.

  6. Staff have the final say on rule interpretations ending with the highest rank (Admin’s word > Mod’s)

  7. Anyone caught trying to make another player break the rules will receive punishment as if they broke said rules themselves.

  8. Attempting to use a loophole to get around rules is not allowed.

  9. No inappropriate content (Porn, excessive gore, etc.)

  10. Finally, use common sense!

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