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  1. I should be on Discord until 9pm EST, tomorrow I'll be on through my phone(but still available) while I visit my in-laws
  2. Signing into discord in 1 minute--actually in Discord now
  3. I did run my own server for about 9 months. I used this time to learn what worked and what did not on a 100x oxide server. How loot tables worked, how to set the individual units, even tested some custom file mods.
  4. Da-Boom


    Hello fellow Rust'ers. Da-Boom here. If I've raided you in the past.. No hard feelings.. It's Rust.. If I haven't raided you yet.. My list is shorter by the day. 🙂
  5. Steam Name: Da-Boom SteamID: 76561198947953849 Age: 43 WKGaming's Server Hours: 100 Discord Tag: Da-Boom or [TGH] Not_Mitnick - depending on the view Timezone: EST Why do you feel you should be selected to join the WKGaming Staff Team? I like to have fun, but don't play games that would be negative to another player. I have helped others in Discord when I am available. I know my way around Rust, Windows, Umod plugins, learning C#, am a Linux and Windows SysAdmin in RL. I also don't cheat... Never have, never will. How do you feel you could benefit the community? I like to help people. I also like to play by the rules. I believe in fun, but not at another's expense.
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