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  1. I have had a great amount. I have had on staffing experience on not just rust but many other games. * Unturned: FGN Network ( Feral Gaming Network) as a Trial Manager at one point and Dark Twilight as a global mod. * Minecraft: Butter Gaming Network as a Head Admin and owned my own at one point. * FiveM: CSRP (Carolina State RP) as a Trial Mod. * Rust: 2 Servers that have recently closed. I was mod on one and Admin on another.
  2. I can commit to minimum 20 hours a week. When school stars in a month around 10-15.
  3. Hei


    Kia Ora (Hello). My name is Logan but Hei is just easier. I am a 16 year old that loves to play rust. I have only recently found this server but I believe It is a great server. Not as much toxicity as most but enough. Cheers
  4. Steam Name: Hei SteamID: 76561198337040639 Age: 16 years of age. WKGaming's Server Hours: 4 - 10 hours Discord Tag: Hei#6054 Timezone: NZST Why do you feel you should be selected to join the WKGaming Staff Team? I believe I should be accepted because the amount of staffing experience I have had. I have been staff on many servers in the staff (Both Rust and other games). I have a high interest in helping communities grow and I would like to see WK gaming grow. I would also bring maturity and also a little bit of humour towards the team. I have great team building experience and I love to develop friendships with others. How do you feel you could benefit the community? I believe that all communities should be welcoming and also a happy place for people to enjoy themselves throughout their time there. As a staff I would make sure all rules are set and if anyone were to break them, a punishment would be set into place. I would make sure to act in a responsible and friendly way to bring positive reputation not for only just the staff but the whole community. Thank You for taking time to read this.
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