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  1. Steam Name: Vacanson SteamID: 76561198013054039 Age: 32 WKGaming's Server Hours: ( in game 4 - 6 hours ) Discord Tag: vacanson#3795 Timezone: EST ( Florida ) Why do you feel you should be selected to join the WKGaming Staff Team? Well , I'm on discord all the time. I also like seeing what's up to date with the server. I like When helping out , like when people are online and they don't know some command's like the mymini or nomini I try and help them out . Even if it's little thing's that people don't know like kit's or tpr or addind home. And as far as helping in game like Umod plugins or oxside , I know those well. use to have my own server on a game called hurt world was number 1 for a few awhile but then had to move (story for Later ) How do you feel you could benefit the community? Well since I am on when people are on at night I can help them out. AND I am one of the very little few that has the rust+ on my phone , so I am always keeping up with on who is online but seeing how many people there are. so I know when to come online and not to be, same with discord. people want to talk or have a report , ill go on my phone or in game see what's going on and decide from there and it's less stress for you when someone does make a report and it's in game and they someone is "hacking" just cuz they can't "shoot" them lol from that point ill look and see what's going on and see if they really or or if there just really bad and 9 out of 10 there just bad a shooting lol
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