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  1. #1 Any threats or intent to harm other players in the community (Not on the Server) will result in a permanent ban. #2 Be respectful to all players no matter the circumstance #3 Cussing is allowed, but try to keep it chill for the most part. #4 Links are NOT tolerated. If you post one, you will be punished. #5 A staff member has final say on all rule interpretations including those not explicitly stated in the rules. in the rules. #6 Promoting/Advertising is not allowed under any circumstance.", #7 Do not spam anything of any kind. You will be banned.", #8 Any type of malevolent behavior will not be tolerated. It will give you a global ban. #9 You may not inside a base / targeting as player doing so will result in a ban. #10 This includes, but not limited to: DDoS Threats.
  2. What servers where staff on?
  3. You Application has been Accepted.
  4. Hello, A few questions how many hours can you commit to WKGaming? Thanks
  5. Please let us know when you can do a Discord Interview.
  6. How many hours can you commit to WK gaming?
  7. Do you have any other Experience at being staff on a server?
  8. How many hours can you commit to WKGaming?
  9. How many hours can you commit to WKGaming?
  10. Server Ban Appeal Template Your Steam Name: What Server Were You Banned on? Your Steam ID: Date and time (Use your time zone): Ban Reason: Ban Length: Unban reason:
  11. Application Format and Requirements We appreciate each and every application put towards joining the WKGaming Staff Team. The dedication from every one of you is really what keeps us growing and making a server that is enjoyable for our player base. We will make sure to give an equal chance to all of you who show a good interest in helping the community while maintaining a good character. Please understand that you must be active on the server and have no infractions to be eligible for staff in WKGaming's Community. Staff Requirements Age 14 or older Must be able to communicate, we can’t accept you if we can’t talk to you (Must speak English and be able to be reached out to on discord) Must know/understand the rules of the server while being able to follow and enforce them Make sure your steam profile is public for us to view Good Character (Positive Morals, Responsibility, Maturity, etc.) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Staff Application Format Steam Name: SteamID: Age: WKGaming's Server Hours: Discord Tag: Do you have any social media accounts? Timezone: Why do you feel you should be selected to join the WKGaming Staff Team? How do you feel you could benefit the community?
  12. Fellex

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